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About Plaudit Minds


Plaudit Minds is a company which is committed to be with everyone to help them discover their inherent pieces of the life puzzle,(who they are, and for what they are) and how to construct these pieces into complete homogeneous structure.


know about plaudit minds founder
Dr. Pranavi Luthra, has been studying human behaviour for last 15 years. How different people react differently on the same situation and why? Why children have learning difficulties; why ill behaviour; why criminal attitude; why aggression?
After numerous researches and action researches, she enumerated that “Everyone is born good, and want to do only good” but who compels not to do? Ignorance,
what? Yes ignorance about self.

‘There is no greater ignorance than the one not to discover all the mysteries that lie within you’.

She did her research in psychological, sociological, philosophical aspects of human behaviour, how needs, context & values influence one’s responses and reactions to a situation. How a person with, strong values, overcome all the obstructions of life. This was the beginning of the exploration of human behaviour.
She made a forum VEBS ( Values Establishment and Behaviour Stability) and benefitted many parents and students. In her search of ways,
she found Neuro-Linguistic Programming a unique branch to overcome all human problems and make one to connect to self.
She did practitioner course and then trained to be NLP Coach. This gave a determination and a new meaning to her life drifting her towards helping all who wish to achieve something but fear to step forward.
She got to know the role of unconscious brain and this was stepping stone for her studying more about brain and landed on the platform of Mind Mapping. Tony Bozan’s training sessions influences her to unfold the mystery of left brain and right brain and one can improve upon reading and memory.

Being educationist, she always tries to keep herself updated in new studies in the field of education. Two studies simultaneously enlightened her enabling everyone for self-discovery. One- She says that the insightful thoughts that pushed her drastically to get greater insight in the human behavior and achievement came from The Awakened Citizen Program by Ramakrishna Mission, that make her believe in individual differences due to inborn talents. Everyone can do everything due to universal possibilities, but can excel in few for having inborn unique possibilities we are born with.second, Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory that Each person is unique blend of dynamic intelligences which grow, expand and develop throughout life, rarely do they work alone, rather intelligences are combined in our activities.

This was the beginning of Plaudit Minds, It is not just DMIT company, it is much beyond, making you meet your dreams.


Everyone wants to be better – physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether you are looking for personal or professional development, the truth is, we all want to be happier in life, we all want to transform our dreams into a reality and be what we always wanted to be. To achieve your pursuits, you would have tried everything, yet the results would be far and few. To quote Albert Einstein “No problem can be solved at the level of thinking that created it” – what if you could get access to all the resources you need to be successful in your life? What if you could get an expert support in your search to improve where you are in life?

The answer is YES! With the right tools and tricks, you too can learn new skills and transform yourself into a new being with a fresh perspective and thought in life. With proper training and resources, the change you desire can become the trait you possess!

Do you want to perform better in life and meet your personal, professional and psychological goals? Or maybe you need a companion to truly guide and motivate you to sail through the storm called life with sheer success? Whatever be your answer to these questions, ultimately, you need a more personal and individualistic approach to solve your problems and for the same, we recommend performance sessions to coach and counsel you for personal and professional development in life.

Are you interested to learn more about the solutions to your never-ending quest for a happier, stable and more content life? If yes, we invite you to the events we organize and subscribe to the newsletter we publish every month.

We wish you success in all your endeavours and want you to create a utopian world for yourself. Remember – Life is not how you take it, it’s how you make it!
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    The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into various specific modalities.

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    Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis is like a map that leads one to understand his own potential and talents.

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