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Discover innate strengths and weakness

DMIT Benefits

Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis is like a map that leads one to understand his own potential and talents. Everyone inherits innate intelligence in genes from their parents. If one’s intelligence gets no opportunity to be inspired and further developed, there is no way for one to develop a full range of intelligence of memory, understanding, reasoning, analysis, integration, and application.

By analyzing dermatoglyphic, we can accurately understand the distribution and amount of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and predict where the potential lies. Although everyone is bored with strengths and weaknesses; if they are identified early, we may further develop the strengths and improve our weakness, so that the left and right brain may grow in a more balanced and blend way.

After discovering the child’s innate intelligence, parents and educators can easily:

Benefits of DMIT

  • Discover innate strengths and weakness
  • Enhance learning experience by identifying learning styles
  • Personalize academic and extra curriculum programs
  • Minimize time & financial commitments on courses
  • Reveal hidden talents
  • Build confidence
  • Improve family relationships
  • Make academic and career choices easier

In terms of personal growth:

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and interaction skills
  • Know how to appreciate people
  • Improve relations between the couple
  • Discover one’s unique gift(s)
  • Improve career
  • Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness

In terms of education:

  • Multiple intelligence assessment for children
  • Parent-child communication and education
  • Target at talents
  • Personalized education
  • Identified one’s gifted area(s)
  • Select a major that best fit one’s desired career path
  • Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning

For enterprises:

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment of job competency and execution style
  • Plan education and training
  • Explore the potential of employee
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal communication and interaction
  • Consolidation of human resources

child dmit test in delhi

As Young as One Day

Understand the natural potential of your child and identify his/her innate abilities, talent and skills early on in life. DMIT can help you identify the best learning style for your child and help him/her develop a successful relationship with you from the onset. Based on multiple intelligence test and fingerprint analysis, DMIT can predict the most accurate learning programs for you.

student dmit test in delhi

For Students

A scientific way of understanding your inner potential, DMIT is extremely beneficial for students who want to know the right career path, leadership paths and innate abilities based on their brain strength and quotient proportion. DMIT will help you know the right learning style, subjects and personality quotients to get expert career guidance for a fulfilling professional path in life.

families dmit test in delhi

For Families

DMIT can help resolve conflicts within various family members by enabling them to understand the different personas, behavioural traits and psychological aspects of every individual. It identifies the analytical, interpersonal and interactive intelligence of a family member and help improve relationships through better communication and mutual understanding

partners dmit test in delhi

For Partners

DMIT is immensely advantageous in matchmaking and for finding the most suitable life partner in terms of their IQ, EQ, AQ and CQ. If you want to better understand your compatibility with a loved one as a future partner, DMIT can help you learn more about each other’s communication style, character, planning capability and personality.

corporates dmit test in delhi

For Corporates

From finding the right candidate for a job to accurately discover your employees’ potential, DMIT for HR and Corporate can help organizations achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Human Resources can be better trained and oriented with their inner abilities and core competencies. DMIT can also be utilized for senior officials and managers to understand their leadership style, growth potential and planning approach.


For Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions

DMIT can successfully help schools, colleges and educational bodies to identify their students’ potential, skills and weaknesses to provide multi-modality teaching methods and counselling based on their natural learning abilities, intelligence levels and personality traits. For students with disabilities and special needs, DMIT can be utilized to design remedial teaching solutions based on sensitivity.

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